Fibre Cone

FIBERCONE Accessory posts are made from the same material and has all of the same properties and advantages as our D.T. Light-Post. It was developed as an auxiliary post (not to be placed by itself) with a "master" post-such as the D.T. Light-Post or Macro-Lock Post, much as if placing gutta percha cones.
Adding auxiliary posts allows much better adaptation in the case of flared and oval canals.

Do not need any additional drilling procedure.


Features Benefits
Tapered shaft portion Dentin conservation and enhanced adaptation
Enhanced adaptation in flared canals Minimizes gap formation, polymerization shrinkage
Minimizes gap formation Prevent de-cementation
Many times stronger than composite resins Reinforcement of the restoration inside and outside
Macro-retentive coronal section Excellent core retention
High translucency Aesthetics and light conductivity
Radiopaque Easy diagnostics

Product Description Price  
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